Photography by Clara Antón

Marcos Navarro is an illustrator and painter born in Barcelona, with base in the Basque Country. 

His practice includes a wide range of media, including painting, mural and illustration. He has created original art for both textile design, fashion and music.

Worked for clients like Adobe, Universal Music, Seat, Volcom or Random House. Marcos Navarro has painted several murals and showed his work in Europe and the USA.

His work is constantly related to wildlife and nature. Living a crucial moment for the planet Earth, critiques human society as we know at the moment, concerned with the results of our behavior and mistakes through our development.



Universal Music



Thrill Jockey

Random House



"Vanguard" - Group show⎜ Outré Gallery - Melbourne, Australia

"Mountains" - Book published in 4 languages

"Tiempo" - Group show⎜ ArteUParte - Donostia

"Recién Pintado" - Group show⎜ Badalona, Barcelona


"12.12" - Group show⎜ Spectrum - Barcelona

“Broken Cycles”- Solo exhibition⎜Talon Gallery - Portland, Oregon

"Oceans" - Book published in 5 languages

“Futur Fest”- Mural⎜ Turin - Italy

“Olatu Talka”- Mural⎜  Loiola - Donostia


"Wilderness" or "Jungles" - Book published in 9 languages

"Puertas" - Group show⎜ Tabakalera - Donostia

"Summer Vibes" - Group show⎜ El andén - Barcelona


“Binomio”- Solo exhibition⎜ Miscelanea Gallery - Barcelona

Graphic works - Solo exhibition⎜ BBKafé - Donostia

Local Art Pareta - Solo exhibition⎜ Kokojaten - Eibar

“Points de Vue”- Mural⎜ Street Art Week - Bayonne


“Binomio” - Solo exhibition⎜ ArteUParte - Donostia 

KutxaKultur Festibala - Group show⎜ Fnac y ArteUParte - Donostia

“Surfcity” - Group show⎜Fabra i Coats - Barcelona

“Experiment 2100” - Group show⎜Cosmocaixa - Barcelona

“Insight” - Solo exhibition⎜Punt Multimedia - Barcelona

“Projet Vénus” - Group show⎜Spacejunk - Bayonne

“Binomio” - Solo exhibition⎜Gazteleku - Irun